Smart ways to stay away from Google Panda 4.2

Particularities of Google Panda 4.2

Google Panda 4.2

  • The rollout will be slow and will take much time to make any changes in rankings.
  • Panda 4.2 will analyze website page by page, therefore the rollout is expected to rank your website pages in a different way.
  • Panda 4.2 is not in update , but it is technically refresh
  • It is hard to know when the update will affect your website.
  • The refresh affects only 2-3% of search queries (more than 105 millions of websites) that is less than the update in May which affected 7.5% of all search queries.

How to Avoid Google panda 4.2?

Find out why our traffic plummeted

  • Use Penguin Tool or Mozcast that will show you how Google’s algorithm updates has impacted your traffic.
  • Make sure that some technical maintenance on your website can cause this issue.
  • Check out with Google search Console whether your website have a manual penalty from Google.

Share your content wisely

  • Google Panda Carefully tracks how users interact with your content.
  • It is important to not only create a quality content, but sell it your readers.
  • The Balance between content creation and content sharing makes up 1:7.
Don’t try to “chase away” Google Panda

  • After the release of the update (July 18) , it is too late to change something on a website as the algorithm won’t take into account any changes after this time.
  • If you got Google penalties, make some changes and wait within 10 months for the next update. 
Interlink your website properly 
  • Keep track of internal link- 150 link on home Page are enough.
  • Add an additional navigation to search interested articles, top list (for online shops).
  • Minimize a number of duplicate links, for example sidebars.

Proofread your content

  • Google Panda is a really strict reader. Avoid silly errors, tips and grammar mistakes.
  • Fill up your content with different synonyms that Google can greatly make distinction.

Write Long and Quality Articles
  • Make sure the length of your content is 600-800 words.
  • Use Word Count Plug-in in Chrome to count the number of words.
Use images and videos
  • 55% Google search result include videos and 40% of the results are images.
  • Try to use different images and videos. Don’t forget to write Alt Tag and title tags with your target Keywords.

Make your website easier
  • Block web pages with robots.txt
  • Deindex web pages with no index tag
  • Use Canonical Tag to show Google what web page to index
  • Delete and combine some web pages
  • Move some pages on sub domains

Work hard on website pages that specifically lost traffic
  • User’s performance on your website is one of them most important signals for Google Panda. If you have a high bounce rate, you will have good chances to get penalties.

Websites in high risk with

  • Low quality Landing Pages
  • Keyword stuffing and Ads
  • Duplicate Content
  • Short and low quality content up to 400 words 

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