Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media Optimization is the advance process of promoting your website for business or product through SMO channels its all about social networking and interplay to generate advertising to reform of a product. It is a community rooted website where you will be facing with humans. Social Media Optimization(SMO) is in many ways connected as a technique to viral marketing where purchaser reviews is created not through family but through the use of social networking in submitting of bookmarks, and update page, movie and photo giving sites.

Social Media Optimization Tips:

Increase your linkability:-

This is one of the most important priority for websites. Many website are "static" – meaning they are rarely updated and used merely for a store front. To optimize a site for SMO, we need to increase the linkability of the fresh and unique content. Adding a blog is a great step, however there are many other ways such as creating white papers and thought pieces, or even simply stock up content that exists elsewhere into a useful format.


Connect up your website with Facebook is a great way to improve visitor involvement as well as propel your visitors to discuss content from your website on Facebook. When your visitors are linked with their Facebook they can easily discuss information with their buddies when they keep response with their comments and their buddies have frequented your site and more.


Twitter is a great way to show your friends that your website is in entity. For further use if you have not included any new content or update to your website in some time Twitter feed can keep your page fresh as it will be improved whenever you update your Twitter account. Keep Twitter button option that your friends can exclusively select for one primary reason, separately from the fact that it delivers new material to your website.Give your audiences to be able to get connected to their own Twitter to share content and about your firms or product without having to keep your website.

Google Analytic:

Blogging regularly, Variation strategies and good social networking strategies bring traffic and increase your website popularity in search engines.

Sharable Content:-

The best way to encourage your website is to galvanize your visitors to discuss your content on Facebook, Twitter, Digg,stumble and other social networking websites. Upgrade your website regularly so that there is always new things for your visitors to discuss.


Whether you're making comment on other people blogs or addressing feedback on your own wording, experiencing the conversation allows you to position yourself.


Another way to evolve stability using social media is to preserve a regular blog. Even if you don't think you have much to talk about and operating a blog keeps you at the top rated of your place.

Google Hummingbird Algorithm

Google Celebrated their 15th birthday on September 26th 2013 they declare about new updation algorithm named “Hummingbird algorithm”. This is new algorithm affected 90% of detection worldwide and it is found on semantic search. This algorithm effecting general search quality or focuses on data recovery and how data is accessed and submitted to users.

Hummingbird is paying a lot of consideration to every word in a query guaranteeing that the whole query – the complete sentence which means is taken into consideration, instead of distinct words. The goal is that pages matching the meaning do better than matching few words.

Hummingbird Algorithm Update

This update is related to search queries clearly it for long tail queries where Google want to provide a better result for more complex search queries. This algorithm makes the searches more user-friendly maintains relevancy in search terms.

Solutions For Hummingbird Effect:

1. Keep your site updated with original high quality content.
2. Stave off black hat SEO techniques like cloaking and keyword stuffing.
3. Claim authorship for your content.
4. Have relevant back links linking to your website.
5. Share your content in top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, pinterest etc.

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Penguin Update 2.1

Penguin Update 2.1 or Penguin 5 has officially been liberated on 4th Oct 2013. Penguin 2.1 Spam filtering algorithm affects ~1% searches to a noticeable degree. Penguin update 2.1 effects sites that are having a spammy links. Google always look for natural links and not simply relevant links. Penguin is a part of Google’s overall search algorithm for sites that are considered to be spamming Google’s search results. Specifically, it goes when sites which will have purchased paid links.

Google Penguin Update 2.1 will update and clean up your back link profile. Concentrate on making and promoting quality content that's helpful and has worth in brief so do something that people like to share.

Latest SEO Tips And Techniques 2014

Latest SEO Tips and Techniques 2013

Now SEO basics tutorial discuss about some latest SEO Tips and Techniques for 2013, which help you to raise keyword ranking of website and boost traffics of visitors on Google. Google is updating their algorithm every month for preventing web spam, Duplicate Content, Black hat tactics and others unethical manner and million of websites are lost their ranking due to these Google Algorithm updated. In case of SEO Basics Tutorial provides some latest ethical tips and techniques to get ranking as below.

(1) Use Unique & Fresh Content in your website.

(2) Use high quality content for your web pages with targeted keywords but make sure when your are writing a content don't use targeted keywords much more otherwise your website will be punish by Google Also for Keyword Stuffing.

(3) Build Natural backlinks because of Google accept only natural & quality backlinks and Better is to avoid exact match anchor text with low quality back-links.

(4) Build backlinks must be relevant your website theme

(5) Build internal cross linking, Internal links is a best SEO technique and it will reduce bounce rate of your website. 

(6) SMO: Social media optimation is a best roll for SEO in 2013. you generate traffics of visitors and get ranking of website on search engine by SMO such as Facebook, Google +1, twitter.

(7) Create Mobile friendly website because of day by day increasing mobile users so many visitors will come from tablets or smart phones.